1: It Broadens Their Horizons

Some people are open to change and trying new things which may benefit them to a higher degree and they live their life happily and fully.  Others are not so open to change and sometimes they even fear change. The sooner you get your child into the world and away from video games, DVD players, laptops and texts, the better. Once you get away from all that, they’ll realize just how much there is to see and learn in the real world. After all of the new experiences they have had, your teen/child will want to go to all kinds of new places and learn more. They will become a sponge to the world around them, sucking up any new information that comes their way.

2: Travel Teaches Them About Other Cultures

Your child may learn about all kinds of different cultures at school and through a textbook, but it’s nothing compared to actually going to another country and experiencing it in person. There are so many things to do around the world that can help them appreciate different cultures and unique traditions. For example, you could go to India and eat some spicy curry, watch the hula being performed in Hawaii, or learn how to do the tea ceremony in Japan. There are so many possibilities and learning experiences are available throughout the world. If you cannot afford family travel, then take them to ‘Little Italy’ or Chinatown in your own city for a little adventure.

3: Travel Allows Time For Exploration And Acquiring New Skills

Another great advantage to traveling when you are young is learning new skills that you can and will use throughout adulthood. It could be anything from learning survival skills out in the wild during a camping trip and learning a foreign language to learning how to play a traditional sport of a culture that you never thought you would get to play. It may be a skill that will stay with you for a lifetime. One day you might need to know a little Spanish for your trek across Spain or you might be really happy that you know how to build a shelter when lost in the woods overnight. Without a doubt, travel experience can actually save your life at times.

4: Travel Can Show Them How Lucky They Are

A large number of people just don’t know how lucky they are to have healthy food, nice clothes on their back and a roof over their head. Especially kids and teenagers of the modern world as they assume everything will be provided on a constant basis. Many of them think that having a computer, PlayStation 3 or cell phone is a right, instead of a privilege. If you decide to go somewhere like Mexico or the Caribbean, you can show them just how lucky they really are and how thankful they should be for what they have. Seeing how other people live in poorer countries will make them so much more grateful for what they were born into or given.

5: Offers A Sense Of Confidence And Knowledge

When you go on a trip as a family, you are all bound to learn something new. When you return home and your family and friends ask about your trip, let your child explain it to them. Some would be eager to do it and go into full detail, but others might shy away. Once they open up and start talking about all of the sights they saw and experiences they had, they will feel more confident in the fact that they experienced something others didn’t. Travel will really help their self confidence develop and as times goes on, and with more travel fun, you will have a worldly child on your hands.